Roomr for Android – Rebooting

Now that Roomr for iOS is nice and stable (Full AutoDiscovery implementation, full support for global timezones), my attention is now returned to Roomr for Android.

Since I released Roomr for Android back in 2013, I’ve learned plenty by developing a client app, Call My, and by tinkering on my apps Job Tracker and Job Hunter (not related!).

Working in the new Android Studio helps, but I have a long way to go with the UI :)


device-2015-05-31-121018Update (12th July) Roomr for Android is back in the Google Play store. You can get the free version here – and the Pro version here –

Feedback, as always, is welcomed!

Creating appointments using DayView Control

I’ve been experimenting with the DayView control I created for Roomr and Peopler and today I added the ability the add an appointment with touch. This mimics the behaviour of the native iOS calendar app.

You hold your find on the calendar for a second or two and an appointment appears. You can then drag up and down to position the appointment. This is a very early demo, but it seems to work pretty well.

Peopler – Future availability

Whilst Peopler isn’t exactly being downloaded in the millions, I’ve received *actual* feedback from users, which shows they are a) using the app and b) interested enough to email me!

One feature, which I’ve wanted to add for a while, is the ability to view the future availability of your favourites. It’s all fine being able to see a person’s availability today, but what about tomorrow or the day after? To sort this, I’ve started building a Day Picker into Peopler. iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 May 2015 12.12.03This was an early mockup I did,  so I could see how a horizontal date picker would work. I’ve seen this horizontal pickers and like the look of them. After some coding, I ended up with something like this.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 May 2015 17.22.56

You can see five days in advance, scrolling right will show you up to thirty days. This is an iPhone 5 screen size and I suspect the iPhone 6 will probably show 6 or 7 days. I need to experiment with this a little to ensure the auto layout works. Anyway…I digress. You can see that I’m free for the Remainder of the day. When I select a day in the future, it goes a bit wrong :)

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 May 2015 16.59.49

My “availability” algorithm works off the current time and isn’t factoring in the fact that we’re dealing days in the future. This was actually a good thing as it made me realise that showing availability in this way is pointless for any date in the future. My initial feeling is that availability might be better expressed in number of appointments and actual free time.

I need to think on this a little as working hours will factor into this too. No point in telling you that somebody have seven hours free if that time is beween 5pm and midnight!

For the next release, version 1.2.0, I might just add the day picker into the schedule view. If you have any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them!

Roomr 2.7.5 – More Diagnostics

One of the most common bugs reported in Roomr is an incorrect free/busy calculation. I’ve done a lot of work over the past few months to make this more and more intelligent, handling parallel meetings, tentative meetings and multi-day meetings. Each time I submit a version, I wonder who the next incorrect report will manifest itself!

To help make it easier for user’s to report this back to me, I’m adding more direct diagnostic options. In the last beta of Roomr 2.7.5, you can now report from the Favourites screen.

Firstly, enable Diagnostics on the settings screen.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 5 May 2015 09.50.11

Once back on the favourites tab, identify the room that is reporting the wrong status. Just press and hold on the row for about two seconds and an option popup will appear.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 5 May 2015 09.50.36Press “Email Diagnostics” and you’ll be presented with a draft email containing the data returned by Microsoft Exchange. If there is any sensitive data in here you wish to remove, such as meeting subjects, you can edit this here before sending it to me. You can also add any relevant information that you think would be helpful.

Using this data, I can then debug the availability calculator and find out when it’s wrong!

Configuration Profile support with TestMDM

I got an email from a prospective user of TestMDM regarding the Single App lock feature. After some reading I learned that whilst this feature only works on Supervised devices, it should be configurable with an MDM.

The App Lock is performed by installing a configuration profile on the device. TestMDM hasn’t supported the ability to install any old configuration profile, so I’ve corrected this.InstallProvisioningProfileYou can now choose a device and upload a PList file containing your configuration profile.

I’m uploading the new build to Azure as I type, so it should be ready to use shortly.

Bundle Selection within TestMDM

A few recent TestMDM customers have had issues with their IPAs due to the fact they have multiple bundles within them. These are extensions to support Today Widgets or the new Apple Watch. Up to now, I’ve gotten lucky, as the files within the IPA seem to fall out in the right order, but a new customer reported issues.

To rectify this, I’ve added a new Bundle Selection step to the Install App command. When you choose this command, you will see the normal “Install App” dialog.


Once you have selected an IPA, it gets uploaded and processed. You’ll then see a new drop down appear.InstallCommandDialogWithBundleidSelectorThis will list the various bundles contained within the IPA you’ve uploaded. Select the one that corresponds to your app and you should be good to go.

At only £39.99 for an entire month, TestMDM offers a useful way to test your enterprise apps without the hassle of setting up your own MDM.

Visit to find out more!


ActiveSync Contacts Server

I didn’t get as much time this week to work on my ActiveSync server as I would have liked, but I’m happy to say I have Contacts now syncing. Syncing is a stretch, since it only works one way!

I’ve published the service to Azure, so if you’d like to test it out, you can follow these steps. I’ve tested it against iOS, so I’m not sure how Android or Windows Phone will cope.

IMG_0008Under settings, choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars and press “Add Account”. Select Exchange.IMG_0009Fill any old rubbish into the next screen. I haven’t added AutoDiscovery support, so this step will just fail after a few seconds and you’ll be prompted to enter the details manually.

IMG_0011Enter as the Server. The username and password values don’t matter here either.

Once you hit Next, it will verify the details and you should see blue ticks appear beside the entries. Hit Done.


Unselect Mail, Calendars, Reminders and Notes and hit Save. My ActiveSync server doesn’t support any of these, but it will serve to keep your iPhone from being cluttered with useless folders. Once you hit save, it should sync down the contacts into a folder called “Recruitment Agents” and be populated with the members of the Avengers.


My aim here is to create a directory of recruitment agents, so you’ll know who’s calling and what agency they are from. I think this could grow into an inbox and calendar, so agents email to a dedicated inbox and can create interview appointments for you, that sort of thing.

I also want to support Direct Push, but I’m not 100% sure how to make that work efficiently, so Push it disabled at the moment.

If you do test it out, I’d be grateful for your feedback (works, doesn’t work, etc.). Email me or tweet me.