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Now I’m just inventing words….

I was doing some copy review within my new iPhone app and I found this sentence on the setting tab containing a rather unusual word…

iOS Simulator Screen shot 4 Jul 2012 12.27.03


I’ll take that job, even on half the offered salary!

Got this email from a recruitment agency the other day….


Even half the offered salary would be fantastic!


GoDaddy doesn’t want my business

I realised today that the SSL certificate for Caffeine Club has expired so I popped over to GoDaddy to renew it and I got presented with this:


That’s classic. Can GoDaddy not use a calendar?


Tip-o-the-day: Don’t delete spam!

Yesterday, I submitted Caffeine Club to four app review websites yesterday morning.

This morning, I logged into GMail and automatically hit the “delete all messages” in my SPAM folder and as Gmail was “working” to complete my request, I noticed an email regarding my app. Of course, a split second later it was gone.


GMail doesn’t allow the recovery of emails you “delete forever”, so I have no idea who sent the email, other than the name Jon. I’ve gotten in touch with the four sites again and hopefully they’ll forgive my rather large email fail and get in touch with me again. That will teach me.

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