About Me

My name is Tomas McGuinness and I currently live in London with my beautiful wife. I’m Irish, born in a little village called Tullyallen, where I grew up. At the age of eighteen I left home to study Applied Physics at Dublin City University. After that I lived in Cork for almost seven years before finally moving to London.

I am a developer. When I moved to London, I started working with Barclays Capital. I was there for just over four years, mainly developing in C# and WPF. I then spend two years working at a a small Telecoms company near Piccadilly Circus where I focused on ASP.Net MVC 4.

In August 2013, I left my job to work to concentrate on various personal projects. I also do freelance work.

If you’d like to email me about hiring me for freelance work, contact me at tomas@coldbear.co.uk. For non work related stuff, my address is tomas@tomasmcguinness.com.

I’m also on Twitter at @tomasmcguinness.