Do we have any hot water?

A common occurrence in our house is bath time. Another common occurrence is not having enough water for afore mentioned bath. Our hot water is provided by a system boiler/unvented cylinder arrangement and I use a Nest to control the hot water (more on that later). The current schedule has it running the boiler for … Continue reading Do we have any hot water?

Shelly 1 Relay

With Den Automation facing immanent demise, I've been looking at alternatives. I came across the Shelly 1 relay, quite by accident, whilst looking at some Sonoff stuff. It immediately piqued my interest, mostly because it taught me that I didn't know anything about lighting circuits in the UK. I've installed my fair share of lighting … Continue reading Shelly 1 Relay

Den Automation and the Cloud

A few months ago, Den Automation Ltd appeared to drop off the face of the earth. My hub disconnected from the internet and the Den app would only work whilst I was at home. I should point out that I invested in Den via Seedrs. Continued Operation is possible I took time to try and … Continue reading Den Automation and the Cloud

Xiamo Aqara Wall Switch

With news that Den Automation were likely going into administration (due to massive debt) and the discontinuation of their Cloud services, my dreams of adding more Den switches were well and truly dashed! I'd added a few Aqara temp sensors and contact sensors to my Home Automation setup and I discovered that they had a … Continue reading Xiamo Aqara Wall Switch update

I have just published a small update to The signature now undergoes additional checks, to ensure that the WWDR certificate is used. This is one of the most problematic things for people using my library. Hopefully this small change will help.

Den Automation – API

With the very sad news that Den Automation is having financial troubles, I decided it was time to revisit my investigation into the protocol that Den uses. I had read on their website that they used both a cloud based and local network approach. In fact, this was one of the things that appealed to … Continue reading Den Automation – API

TS MK II – Mesh Network Pt.2

As part of my Temperature Sensor upgrade, I've started looking into Mesh Networking support. Documenting my progress Rather than try and put a post together at the end, I'm going to try and document my progress as I go, with additions to this post each time I do something significant. The beginning I recommend you … Continue reading TS MK II – Mesh Network Pt.2

TS Mk II – Mesh Network Pt.1

As part of my Temperature Sensor upgrade, I've started looking into Mesh Networking support. I was aware that the Expressif ESP32 supports the new Bluetooth LE Mesh protocol, and as Bluetooth Low Energy would help stretch battery life, it seemed like the natural place to start my investigations. I was initially going to try the … Continue reading TS Mk II – Mesh Network Pt.1

Temperature Sensor – Mk II

My first go at creating a simple battery powered temperature sensor was really interesting and fun to do, but, like any project, there are always way to make it better! For my Mark II sensor, there were a few things I wanted to improve: Use of mesh networking - Wifi Mesh or Bluetooth meshCapture more … Continue reading Temperature Sensor – Mk II