I have several personal projects that were developed in my spare time.

I May Be Late
Living in London, I know what an unpredictable, pain in the a** that the London Underground system can be. Delays can result in people missing meetings at work or being home late. My app will notify you in advance of any disruptions to your route or any stations you use. Since it’s not possible to send a text when you’re stuck in a tunnel, the site will provide automatic notifications to your boss or spouse based on the state of the service on the underground. A simple email or text-message will alert people that you may have been delayed.
This is a work in progress, but the website is available at www.imaybelate.com. Please take a look and leave me some feedback if you can. I also have an iPhone app and Windows Phone 7 available for free download.
The Tom McGuinness Experiment
This website is an attempt at a simple social experiment. After a Twitter based chat with another Tom McGuinness, we decided it would be very interesting to see just home many of us share the same name. The site makes use of Twitter and Facebook to perform a simple check of a user’s name before allowing them to register. I hope to make this site far more interesting by adding demographic information after enough Toms have registered.
I’ve just moved web host and have not had time to make this site active. When I get some free time I will!
Caffeine Club
Caffeine Club is a website and companion iPhone app designed to make the office coffee run easier and more effieient to do. Using menus from the largest coffee shop chains in the UK and US, ordering the exact coffee you want is easy. It allows people to get coffee for you as they return from their lunch break or as they are coming into work. The iPhone app makes use of Push Notifications so you are always kept informed when somebody is going for coffee. This application is written for Windows Azure and the iPhone app is available from the App Store.
Visit the site now