Ordering an iPad 2 – Getting up early was a waste of time!!

I set my alarm last night for ten minutes to one in the A.M. so that I could be sure to get an iPad 2 ordered. Sure enough, I got up, opened the laptop and went straight for the online UK Apple Store. My twitter client flashed me some updates and I found out that the Apple Store had been taking orders since half past midnight! Typical Apple.

I picked out the black 32GB model I was asked to order and added it to my cart. All seemed to be okay. The site was a little slow, but I put that down the fact there were probably thousands of other crazy people trying to place an order. As soon as I hit “Place Order”, my excitement was replaced with disappointment.


I started the process again by going back to my basket and got presented with this:


For the next thirty minutes, I was presented with the same error screens over again. I finally gave up, turned the light off and went to sleep. This morning at seven A.M. I successfully ordered one. No change in shipping time or anything 😉

The worst part of all this: I was ordering the iPad 2 for somebody else! Anyone else try to pre-order this morning and #Fail??