More email woes!

As some of you know, on Saturday, I accidentally deleted an email regarding a review of my iPhone app, Caffeine Club, by emptying my spam folder.

I sent emails to all the review sites again, apologising for my mistake and asking that they get in touch with me again.

This morning, however, I noticed that I hadn’t received any emails since Saturday, which is very odd. Not that I’m that popular, but usually there are some general emails from and other sites that I’ve subscribed to. Even my spam folder was empty. It was only this morning that I remembered a recent domain transfer has occurred.

I logged in to check my domain and discovered, to my horror, that none of the MX records had been transferred! This basically meant that were receiving my emails, but there was no corresponding account to delivery them to! What a disaster. I’ve hopefully rectified the issue and should start receiving email before the day is out.

I’m not one-bit impressed by this development. I spend several hours submitting my app for review and it’s very possible that NONE of the sites have been able to email in the past 24 hours. Hover are supposed to take care of everything. How could they have missed domain records?

The moral of this story? I should have just stayed with GoDaddy and not listened to Leo Laporte telling me how great is.