Apple, please stop talking utter BOLL&*KS

Anyone following the Apple announcement yesterday, should have been dismayed by Apple’s on-going, incredibly stupid  use of percentages to drive home how good they are.


When comparing Lion’s adoption rate, they threw up this slide.


How can anyone fall for this shite? A simple search on Bing will reveal figures that put this comparison into context. Sure the percentages may be correct, but that means nothing! Large percentage changes on small numbers are not impressive.

Let’s consider the figures to date: 6 million copies of Lion have been downloaded. That’s an impressive figure, no doubt about that. But Microsoft have sold over 400 million copies of Windows 7. That sort of leaves Lion in the dirt. Flipping the headline, it would read.

Microsoft ship 6000% more copies of Lion that Apple.

Or, to put it another way, assuming a linear adoption of both Lion and Windows 7,

Microsoft sell 6 times more Windows 7 licenses per week than Lion.

Apple don’t sound as impressive now. So my advice to Apple. Cut the bullshit. You’re not fooling anyone! Your OS is doing well (better than Linux I imagine) and you’re making buckets of money,