I May Be Late Windows Phone 7 app

Work is progressing nicely with my first Windows Phone 7 app. This app is a companion to my new London Underground related application, www.imaybelate.com, which I’m hoping to launch in the next week or two.

Here are some screenshots of the app that I took yesterday.



Technical Bits

I’m using the Sync Framework 4.0 to keep the app in sync with the applications database. Aside from a few small issues, this is working out very well and it has saved me considerable work in that I didn’t have to write any API code. I have a few things left to fix. The Status screen needs more information presented and the Journeys list needs some more tweaking.

I’ve also got to work out how to deal with the “Light” background setting of Windows Phone 7. It makes the display of the Northern Line easier though Winking smile

I even have a basic logo, which I’m sure TFL will sue for using:

may and running 200

All feedback is welcomed and if you haven’t checked out www.imaybelate.com, please do so! Especially if you’re a London Underground user.