Nice use of a Windows Phone 7 live tile?

Work on my first Windows Phone 7 app ( is drawing very close to completion and I’m now spending a little time getting some of the details right. Until I find another bug anyway Winking smile

Part of my app’s functionality is the ability to update the Live Tile with information about the user’s commute to and from work. If any issues occur on their route, the tile gets updated. I really wanted to try and maintain some of the user’s customisation by respecting the theme they had chosen. My girlfriend developed the original logo for my app and after some thinking I came up with a small twist on it!

The primary logo is on the left and features a few tube lines and a running man, the core identity of the app. By altering the logo slightly, we made part of the image transparent, so the theme colour makes forms part of the logo, representing a tube line.


I May Be Late_173  image

To then go a little further, we repositioned the running man so that the notification indicator would fit over his head, helping to further integrate the logo.

image image   image

I personally think it looks pretty neat (if you ignore the horrible black borders!)

What do you think?