iTunes Match prevents track skipping on iOS

I recently signed up for iTunes Match and am very pleased with the service. But recently I noticed some annoying behaviour on the iPhone.

As a fan of the Valve game Portal 2, I had downloaded the free soundtrack provided by Valve. Since this isn’t available on iTunes, the iTunes match software uploaded the album automatically. I then synced my iPhone and most of the songs did get synced, but some didn’t. iTunes Match is correctly showing them as available via the cloud.



I was listening to the soundtrack on day at work and I got as far as “Want You Gone”. After listening to it, the next song came on. I decided to listen to “Want You Gone” again. I dutifully tapped the shuffle back button and the current song started again. No matter how many times I tapped that back button, I couldn’t get off the song!

It turns out that if you have a song for download in the album, the music app can’t skip backwards over it. I tested this theory by playing the song Cara Mia Addio. No matter how many times I tried to go back, I couldn’t get off that song.


It will indeed skip forwards over a cloud track, but no backwards. It’s something I’ve find very annoying as you have to actually physically select the track. This means taking the iPhone out of my pocket, unlocking it and choosing the song.

I’d like to file this with Apple, but I’m not sure how to go about it.