TFL Live Status Information; My ARSE!

I think I caught out TFL this morning. At 8AM I got a text message indicating there were minor delays between two stations on the Jubilee line, but checking two iOS Tube Apps (including my own) indicated there was a good service on the line!

Text from TFL
I May Be Late
Tube Deluxe

I always had my suspicions that TFL didn’t really put the right information into their TFL feed and this is sort of proof!

2 thoughts on “TFL Live Status Information; My ARSE!

  1. I am surprised you are only getting this now….. there is always a 5-15min delay between getting the info to the apps, its the same for the TFL website 🙂

    1. TFL say the feed is updated every 30 seconds and that you cannot display the data for more than 30 seconds without indicating when it was valid until! That’s absolutely rubbish if there is a 5 minute discrepency!

      Why am I not surprised??

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