Making the features of my Windows Phone 7 app more obvious…

As part of some changes I’m making to my IMayBeLate app, I’m toying with trying to make it more obvious what my app actually does.

I’m taking out the OpenID registration and login and replacing with the more pedestrian username and password. I’m working on another blog post about why I’m doing this, so I’ll just give you a summary here. I’m trying to to clean up the UI of my Windows Phone 7 in an effort to make the features of the app more discoverable.

So, to this end, I’ve taken a page out of the Instagram app, making the first screen available regardless of whether the user is signed in or not. I’ve also added some text to each section of the pivot that describes each feature of the app.

My hope is that users will just scroll through the app and be given a taste of the benefits of  using the app, hopefully encouraging them to sign up.


Has anyone seen this approach in WP7 before? What do you think of it?