Windows 8, a Vertex 2 and a fresh install

So I installed Windows 8 onto my PC a grand total of 5 days ago. This involved formatting my OCZ Vertex 2 and installing a fresh copy of the OS. Everything seemed well, until today. I booted my PC on getting home from work to be greeted with this…


Having been an OCZ owner for quite a while, I’m not unfamiliar with this dialog! I opened up my PC and looked at the SSD during boot. My fears were confirmed:


All that I can do now is try a secure format and to install Windows 8 again. This is not the first time this drive has done this to me and it’s getting on my wick. I think I’ll have to try a different company if this happens again!

UPDATE @20:51 – After trying to erase the drive like I did before, I’m saddened to discover that the drive doesn’t even appear in the BIOS. I’ve tried different ports and different cables, but no job. I think the drive is borked!

I’m going to order a Crucial replacement I think as I’ve had a good experience with one of those in my ThinkPad. £154 from Amazon –

UPDATE @21:12 – Just ordered the drive! I suspect that my faulty one will magically start working now…