My Springboard Mobile application was rejected :(

A few weeks ago, I put together an application for the Springboard Mobile Accelerator program. I had a lot of fun putting the application together and even made a little introduction video with my friend @podgeypoos79.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get accepted into the program. To be honest, I had expected this as I had pitched “I May Be Late”, which I still think is a good idea, but not really the makings of a growth business. This is an important lesson for me in that regard.

A business is something that can grow and generate sustained income. Selling an iOS app does not really fit into that category in all cases. A tube app is going to have a relatively limited audience and can’t really continue to grow. Whilst getting a million downloads at 69p each would be amazing (enough to buy a house), it wouldn’t be sustainable.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep trying to come up with a sustainable business and apply for another program in the future!