New app coming soon – Somewhere quiet

Last Friday I submitted my latest iOS app to Apple for approval. It’s called Somewhere Quiet.

Powered by Foursquare, Somewhere Quiet lets you find and rate coffee shops based on how noisy they are, how likely you are to get a table, how good the WiFi is and whether or not you’ll get a socket to charge your laptop. The information is crowd sourced, so the value of the app will grow over time.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 19 Jun 2014 15.49.59


The grid of squares will serve as a visual reference of how good or bad the various factors are. This is what my local Costa Coffee looks like, based on my ratings.


It’s quiet, hard to get a seat, 3G signal is OK and there are one or two power sockets.

When you click on a coffee shop, you’ll get a map, and a break down of the ratings. Tapping on a rating allows you to provide your own, helping to populate the database. With noise level, the app will actually use your microphone to measure the average ambient noise. I think this particular feature will need to be refined as I learn more about decibels.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 19 Jun 2014 15.50.04

The app will be in the app store in the next 5 to 10 days, hopefully. If you’re a freelance developer or writer or just want to meet a friend for a coffee, somewhere quiet, you’ll find this app useful.