Gas Energy Usage – Nov 22

With Christmas around the corner, I wanted to post an update on my November 2022 gas usage before I wind down for Christmas.

Usage in November last year 292m3, which is around 10m3 of gas a day. That’s about 110kWh per day.

November 2022 was a different story. We were out of the house for a week or so, due to building work, so the heating was turned way down. Total usage was 119m3. If I factor in the time we were absent, the average usage is 6m3 or 70kWh per day.

As we are having work done on our house, the hallway is much, much colder than it should be as the thermal envelope of the house is compromised. Even with the figure being higher than it could be, a 40% saving is impressive! I’m very happy with that.

December will be the most interesting as the first two weeks were sub-zero!