– the end of active support and development

PassVerse has been part of my life since I first sketched out the idea on a Virgin flight to Las Vegas in the summer of 2012. It has grown and morphed over the intervening years, taught me lots and made me feel both despair and joy! Alas, all things must come to an end. I've been putting … Continue reading – the end of active support and development

From Barcode to Passbook

My prototype app based on the MakeMeAPass website is up and running. You simply select the card type, use the camera to scan the barcode and hey-presto, you'll have a passbook pass to add. The usual issues still apply, such as some scanners being unable to scan barcodes on Passbook. I'm planning to add simple … Continue reading From Barcode to Passbook

PassVerse is for sale

After many months of soul searching, I've decided to sell my PassVerse product. I've been working on PassVerse for over two years and it has changed from a SaaS product to a standalone software product. I've learned an awful lot about selling software and I've some happy customers who use PassVerse within their own businesses. As … Continue reading PassVerse is for sale

Put your Clubcard in your Passbook!

Earlier this week I was chatting with somebody on Twitter about how they had lots of barcodes that they’d like to get added into their Passbook on iOS6. Since Passbook doesn’t officially support 1 dimensional barcodes, this is a problem. Whilst thinking about the problem I came up with a simple alternative. I humbly present … Continue reading Put your Clubcard in your Passbook!

Building a Cineworld ticket using

To demonstrate how simple the PassVerse pass designer is to use, I’d put together a small walkthrough of the Passbook designer that I have created. Whilst Cineworld don’t offer tickets in Passbook fashion, this video shows how you might build a pass. A short walkthrough of making a cinema ticket with Here is the … Continue reading Building a Cineworld ticket using

PassBook Designer for PassVerse

This weekend I’ve been working hard on my PassBook designer for PassVerse. So far, I’ve gotten the Coupon designer working and I’m pretty pleased with the results! You can compare my CSS based view on the left to the what is actually produced on the right. I have a few tweaks to make, but it’s … Continue reading PassBook Designer for PassVerse

I May Be Late walkthrough of v2.0

I’m very close to submitting the complete rewrite of my I May Be Late application to the AppStore, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a quick run through of the application, pointing out what I have changed and highlighting new features. Status The first change I’ve made is to the … Continue reading I May Be Late walkthrough of v2.0