My first iPhone application has just been approved!

After finally getting what I consider a “good idea” back in mid August, the four months work to turn that idea into a working application hit a major milestone today as my iPhone application was approved by Apple! I cannot express in works how warm and fuzzy the words “Ready For Sale” make me feel.

My iPhone app, Caffeine Club, is a companion to the website that I am also working on,

Since the web site is still under construction (it’s live, but a little rough around the edges) the iPhone app isn’t actually available for download just yet. I’m hoping that with a clear weekend ahead, I’ll be able to whip the website into shape. If anyone wanted to take a look I’d appreciate any feedback.

With version 1.0 in the app store, I’m already thinking towards version 2.0, but I want to see how the idea takes with the general public before I invest any more of my spare time in improving it.