Introducing Caffeine Club video

Today, I worked through my first little "intro" video for Caffeine Club. I did it using Apple's Keynote and iMovie applications. Took about four hours all in all. I got the inspiration from the GiveABrief introduction video (an app that never made it to the App Store!) and some music from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra … Continue reading Introducing Caffeine Club video

Is my iPhone a 64GB model?

I just got my iPhone replaced as the home button had become somewhat of a nightmare as it only worked about 50% of the time! The friendly people at the Apple Store on Regent’s Street replaced it without issue. When I got home, I plugged it into my PC and Windows told me me there … Continue reading Is my iPhone a 64GB model?

My first iPhone application has just been approved!

After finally getting what I consider a "good idea" back in mid August, the four months work to turn that idea into a working application hit a major milestone today as my iPhone application was approved by Apple! I cannot express in works how warm and fuzzy the words "Ready For Sale" make me feel. My iPhone … Continue reading My first iPhone application has just been approved!