Introducing Caffeine Club video

Today, I worked through my first little “intro” video for Caffeine Club. I did it using Apple’s Keynote and iMovie applications. Took about four hours all in all. I got the inspiration from the GiveABrief introduction video (an app that never made it to the App Store!) and some music from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra that I heard on Master Chef last week rounded it off.

You can check it out on YouTube here –

Is my iPhone a 64GB model?

I just got my iPhone replaced as the home button had become somewhat of a nightmare as it only worked about 50% of the time! The friendly people at the Apple Store on Regent’s Street replaced it without issue.

When I got home, I plugged it into my PC and Windows told me me there was quite a lot of space available, with a total capacity of 55GB. But when I look at the iPhone settings, it tells me a different story.


Is it possible that my phone actually has 64GB in storage, but that iOS is only giving me 32GB?

My first iPhone application has just been approved!

After finally getting what I consider a “good idea” back in mid August, the four months work to turn that idea into a working application hit a major milestone today as my iPhone application was approved by Apple! I cannot express in works how warm and fuzzy the words “Ready For Sale” make me feel.

My iPhone app, Caffeine Club, is a companion to the website that I am also working on,

Since the web site is still under construction (it’s live, but a little rough around the edges) the iPhone app isn’t actually available for download just yet. I’m hoping that with a clear weekend ahead, I’ll be able to whip the website into shape. If anyone wanted to take a look I’d appreciate any feedback.

With version 1.0 in the app store, I’m already thinking towards version 2.0, but I want to see how the idea takes with the general public before I invest any more of my spare time in improving it.