My first try at promoting Roomr–my room availability app

My room availability checker Roomr was released into the AppStore on Monday.

I’m going to try and see what affect marketing can have on sales of my app. It’s very much an MVP, offering just basic functionality.  I’ve had my ad served by Google Adwords, but whilst I’m getting some click-through, I’m not seeing any downloads.


This is the sales report from iTunes. Two downloads on the first day, one from my boss. The other I’m not sure.


I’ve put £20 into Google for the advertising, so I reckon I’m £9 in the red at this stage.

Given this app is a simple MVP, maybe I need to make the app free for a few weeks and see if it gains any traction. It’s also worth pointing out that the app is only available in the UK and Ireland. I’ve got an update in testing right now that will let me open it to all markets, but that will be another 2-3 weeks before it would be available for download.

I’ll wait until my ad budget is exhausted (won’t be long!) and I might consider dropping the price for a limited time to see if that helps drum up interest.

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