Roomr 4.1 – Search has arrived!

I've just submitted Roomr 4.1 to the App Store for approval. This version brings my first attempt at a search feature. A few weeks back I was contacted by a user in the Netherlands, who wanted to use Roomr to improve the way they booking parking spaces at their company. They had an existing Exchange … Continue reading Roomr 4.1 – Search has arrived!

Roomr 4.0 is out and on sale!

To celebrate the release of Roomr 4.0 on iOS, I’ve decided to drop the price to $0.99 (£0.79) from now, until the 14th of May. Roomr 4 includes some improvements and new features. The UI has been updated so it’s cleaner and better organised. It’s now possible to browse the Address Lists (if you’re using … Continue reading Roomr 4.0 is out and on sale!

Back to basics

Tempus Fugit. As a developer, one of the things that causes me to stress the most, is a simple lack of time. I have so many ideas (mostly useless) floating around in my head that I would like to turn into reality. I have three apps in the App Store, which I don’t really update. … Continue reading Back to basics

Roomr 4.0–Inviting people

My work on Roomr 4.0 continues! One of the most requested features when creating meetings is the ability to invite other people. Starting with Roomr 4.0, this will now be possible. The UI is still evolving, but here is an early look. You just type the name of person you want to invite to the … Continue reading Roomr 4.0–Inviting people

Roomr 4.0, the first beta

This morning I submitted the first build of Roomr 4.0 to Apple for Beta Testing. I know it has only been three months since I released 3.0, but I’ve decided that since I’ll adding two or three large new features, that 4.0 seemed more appropriate. So what is coming in 4.0? With Roomr, there have … Continue reading Roomr 4.0, the first beta

Roomr now allows you to import room information

A common request I receive for Roomr is to add an ability to import room information without needing to use Exchange Room Lists. Room Lists aren't the greatest of Exchange's features. They are, as the name suggests, simply lists of Rooms. Whilst you can have multiple lists, you can't nest them or organise them into a … Continue reading Roomr now allows you to import room information

Using Bluetooth to find Meeting Rooms

As part of my on going work with Roomr, I've recently released the beta of the new Roomr for iPad. This product is designed to be used as a meeting room status indicator and gives an "at-a-glance" status of a meeting room. Having an iPad represent a room actually opens up some interesting possibilities. This … Continue reading Using Bluetooth to find Meeting Rooms

Roomr for Android – Rebooting

Now that Roomr for iOS is nice and stable (Full AutoDiscovery implementation, full support for global timezones), my attention is now returned to Roomr for Android. Since I released Roomr for Android back in 2013, I've learned plenty by developing a client app, Call My, and by tinkering on my apps Job Tracker and Job Hunter (not … Continue reading Roomr for Android – Rebooting

Creating appointments using DayView Control

I've been experimenting with the DayView control I created for Roomr and Peopler and today I added the ability the add an appointment with touch. This mimics the behaviour of the native iOS calendar app. You hold your find on the calendar for a second or two and an appointment appears. You can then drag … Continue reading Creating appointments using DayView Control

Roomr 2.7.5 – More Diagnostics

One of the most common bugs reported in Roomr is an incorrect free/busy calculation. I've done a lot of work over the past few months to make this more and more intelligent, handling parallel meetings, tentative meetings and multi-day meetings. Each time I submit a version, I wonder who the next incorrect report will manifest … Continue reading Roomr 2.7.5 – More Diagnostics