Version 1.3 of Roomr–Now booking a room takes a single tap!

Version 1.3 of Roomr was approved by Apple and is now available to download from the AppStore.

Roomr is an app for iOS that allows you to view and book meeting rooms within Microsoft Exchange.

What’s new?

There were several small changes in this release based on user feedback.

  • I’ve restored access to the booking screen from the Rooms view. I had moved this off to a submenu, but got several complaints from users about this.
  • The settings screen has been cleaned up and made a little more organised.
  • I fixed some issues with time zone access for those in time zones that are ahead of UTC.

The biggest change to this release was the addition of a QuickBooking mode. QuickBooking lets you book a room in a single tap. You just tap and hold the meeting room you want to book for two seconds. This will then send a booking request automatically. The subject and duration that it uses are the default values and these can be changed from the Settings screen.

What’s next?

Version 1.4 is already in the pipeline. I’ve two changes planned for this release.

Firstly, I want to add support for Room Lists. This is a feature of Exchange 2010 that allows you to build a list of rooms. If you have several rooms in your organisation adding them all individually would be quite slow and awkward. The Room List feature will allow you to import all those rooms very quickly and easily.

Secondly I want to improve support for non-ASCII character sets. One of my users in Norway is having difficult with Norwegian characters. I don’t fully understand this issue, but I’ll be looking into it soon.

Any feedback?

If you have any feedback about Version 1.3 or have any suggestions for new features you’d like to see added, please drop me an email at