usage of my Blackwall tunnel app this week

I just published an update to my Blackwall Tunnel app. The update was approved on Friday and data is now flowing into Flurry.

I checked it this morning and was presented with a very interesting graph.


The app was obviously tested by Apple on the 3rd of March, as I can see some activity. It then took three days to make it into the App Store. Yesterday, which was a Saturday, showed 25 sessions. As today is Sunday, I’m not sure how many sessions I can expect, but I’m very interested to see how many sessions happening during the week.

I have also made push notifications free and I hope this helps improve the number of sessions as people should launch the app when a notification is generated. I’m hoping to fund the app using advertising, but I’m not sure if that’s even possible, so I need to get the app onto the phones of a few thousand people in order to see what sort of revenue it will generate.