Blast from the past!

I came across this screenshot from my first iPhone app, Caffeine Club. Not the most visually pleasing app ever created, but I had fun building it!


Somewhere Quiet is now available to download from the App Store

My latest app, Somewhere Quiet, has been approved by Apple in just under 5 days.

It’s my hope that this app will help developers, writers and other coffee shop entrepreneurs, find quiet places to work if they are out and about.

If you fit this category, download my app for free and start rating your favourites!

Download now

usage of my Blackwall tunnel app this week

I just published an update to my Blackwall Tunnel app. The update was approved on Friday and data is now flowing into Flurry.

I checked it this morning and was presented with a very interesting graph.


The app was obviously tested by Apple on the 3rd of March, as I can see some activity. It then took three days to make it into the App Store. Yesterday, which was a Saturday, showed 25 sessions. As today is Sunday, I’m not sure how many sessions I can expect, but I’m very interested to see how many sessions happening during the week.

I have also made push notifications free and I hope this helps improve the number of sessions as people should launch the app when a notification is generated. I’m hoping to fund the app using advertising, but I’m not sure if that’s even possible, so I need to get the app onto the phones of a few thousand people in order to see what sort of revenue it will generate.

Roomr–Quickly find free meeting rooms

At my office, I often find myself looking for a free meeting room so that I can hold an impromptu meeting to discuss an issue. Since our office is spread across two floors, this does involve going up and down stairs, hunting for an empty room.

We use MS Exchange for booking meeting rooms, so I wrote a simple iOS app that will give you the availability of meeting rooms within Exchange. I call it Roomr. It’s currently awaiting review in the AppStore, so if you’d like to be notified when it’s ready, please drop me an email –



I’ve got a list of additional features that I’d like to add over time, such as the ability to download the rooms description from LDAP (information about the room’s capacity) and the ability to quickly book a room for a short meeting.

It will work with Exchange 2007 and 2010 and with some effort, Office 365. Support for Office 365 will improve once I add the ability to perform Auto-Discovery.

If you like the app, or at least the idea of the app, please leave me a comment or drop me an email!