LED Clock, Part I: Hands

The first part of making an LED clock was actually learning how to control the LEDs in the strip. I had experimented with the LED strip before, flashing a rainbow, before realising I had no practical use the damn thing. At the time, I had used a Neopixel library. Upon googling the subject again, another … Continue reading LED Clock, Part I: Hands

Lockdown LED Clock

A year or two ago, I picked up a WS2812B LED strip, but, for the life of me, could never think of anything useful to do with it. Recently, however, I came across these LED powered clocks. https://youtu.be/5c7LYEAVJHg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZatJAPwI_4 https://youtu.be/JNpjX5mobfI This feels like a project that will combine a few things: ESP MCUReal Time ClockWS2812B … Continue reading Lockdown LED Clock

Do we have any hot water?

A common occurrence in our house is bath time. Another common occurrence is not having enough water for afore mentioned bath. Our hot water is provided by a system boiler/unvented cylinder arrangement and I use a Nest to control the hot water (more on that later). The current schedule has it running the boiler for … Continue reading Do we have any hot water?