TestMDM 2.0 is now live!

It’s been two years since the release of TestMDM 1.0. Today, I unleash version 2.0 onto the world! Whilst the aim and core functionality of TestMDM hasn’t changed, I’ve completely overhauled the UI, both from a visual perspective and a usability persepective. Visual TestMDM 1 used the popular Bootstrap CSS framework and relied on KnockoutJS … Continue reading TestMDM 2.0 is now live!

Configuration Profile support with TestMDM

I got an email from a prospective user of TestMDM regarding the Single App lock feature. After some reading I learned that whilst this feature only works on Supervised devices, it should be configurable with an MDM. The App Lock is performed by installing a configuration profile on the device. TestMDM hasn't supported the ability to install … Continue reading Configuration Profile support with TestMDM

Bundle Selection within TestMDM

A few recent TestMDM customers have had issues with their IPAs due to the fact they have multiple bundles within them. These are extensions to support Today Widgets or the new Apple Watch. Up to now, I've gotten lucky, as the Plist.info files within the IPA seem to fall out in the right order, but a new customer reported … Continue reading Bundle Selection within TestMDM

TestMDM now supports VPP

After a very kind request from a user, I decided to add basic VPP support to TestMDM. As of 2 minutes ago, you can now: Add your VPP token. Register new user accounts within your VPP account. Assign licenses to these accounts Install apps from the VPP using the MDM functionality Adding your VPP token … Continue reading TestMDM now supports VPP

Multiple Device Support with TestMDM

This has been a long time coming, but I finally added multiple devices support to TestMDM When you issue a command, you'll now get the option to select the device you want the command to go to. This makes it easier to test your app on multiple devices. I've also removed the Pay-As-You-Go option and … Continue reading Multiple Device Support with TestMDM

Exploring apple’s Managedappconfig feedback

In part one of this two part series, I showed how you can use TestMDM to remotely install and configure Apple’s ManagedAppConfig sample app. In this part, I will demonstrate how you can retrieve feedback recorded by the app. Apple allows an app to read managed configuration by opening the “com.apple.configuration.managed” key in NSUserDefaults. It … Continue reading Exploring apple’s Managedappconfig feedback

Exploring Apple’s Managedappconfig demo

Having created TestMDM, I’ve had a few people try to experiment with Apple’s ManagedAppConfig sample. This sample is used in their WWDC video on iOS 7’s Enterprise features and demonstrates how to used Managed App Configuration to control a URL and a UISwitch. Unfortunately, Apple don’t provide anything more than an XCode project, so it’s … Continue reading Exploring Apple’s Managedappconfig demo

iOS Enterprise managed app configuration

With the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced support for managing an app’s configuration using a Mobile Device Management system. This allows enterprises to deploy apps and then control their configuration centrally. You could provide URLs or enable and disable features with the push of a button. An app that supports managed configuration just needs … Continue reading iOS Enterprise managed app configuration