Roomr 4.1 – Search has arrived!

I've just submitted Roomr 4.1 to the App Store for approval. This version brings my first attempt at a search feature. A few weeks back I was contacted by a user in the Netherlands, who wanted to use Roomr to improve the way they booking parking spaces at their company. They had an existing Exchange … Continue reading Roomr 4.1 – Search has arrived!

79p for an app? You must be joking! What a rip-off!!

After many months of simply "not getting around to it", I finally submitted an update for my MakeMeAPass app. After I completed the submission, I decided to take a look at the reviews. The app is sitting with a 3 star average, which isn't bad. What surprised me was the fact that this average came from … Continue reading 79p for an app? You must be joking! What a rip-off!!

Apple Pay with iPhone 5 and Apple Watch

Now that Apple Pay is live in the UK, I thought it was time to try it out. Initially I thought Apple Pay was limited to the iPhone 6 and that I'd be left out in the cold (until they release a new 4" version of the iPhone), but I was informed it works with the … Continue reading Apple Pay with iPhone 5 and Apple Watch

Creating appointments using DayView Control

I've been experimenting with the DayView control I created for Roomr and Peopler and today I added the ability the add an appointment with touch. This mimics the behaviour of the native iOS calendar app. You hold your find on the calendar for a second or two and an appointment appears. You can then drag … Continue reading Creating appointments using DayView Control

iOS Enterprise managed app configuration

With the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced support for managing an app’s configuration using a Mobile Device Management system. This allows enterprises to deploy apps and then control their configuration centrally. You could provide URLs or enable and disable features with the push of a button. An app that supports managed configuration just needs … Continue reading iOS Enterprise managed app configuration

Blackwall Tunnels Alerts

I think it’s fair to say that most people who live in London, do at one time or another, have to use the Blackwall Tunnel. Other Londoners use it each and every day to get to and from work. I am somebody who has the use the tunnel when visiting some family, so it’s a … Continue reading Blackwall Tunnels Alerts

Simple activity notifications for your applications

As part of my work on Drinks4-You, I decided that I wanted to get an alert to my phone each time a user signs up. I’ve worked hard on the platform and the other members of the team have worked even harder on generating sales and promoting the platform, so getting a little alert each … Continue reading Simple activity notifications for your applications

An attempt at a very simple Tube App

In my never ending quest to release tube related apps, I’ve pondering a new idea. Current tube apps are getting very busy, showing maps, line states, departure information, journey planners, weekend works, station states, etc. I don’t deny that these apps are very feature packed and for an average price of £0.69, you can’t really … Continue reading An attempt at a very simple Tube App

Moving to Windows Phone 7 from iOS–and back again!

I’ve been using a Windows Phone 7 Samsung Omnia 7 since the beginning of October. Today, I’m back using my iPhone 4, but the experience has let me to an interesting conclusion: WP7 is a superior OS compared to the aging iOS. However, the iPhone 4 handset is far, far superior to the Samsung Omnia … Continue reading Moving to Windows Phone 7 from iOS–and back again!

My GiveCampUK weekend (21st to 23rd October, 2011)

Across the weekend of the 21st of October, I took part in the UK’s first GiveCamp. And what a weekend it was!     I signed up to participate it a few months back thinking it would be a good way to network, make some new friends and help somebody else out. I honestly wasn’t … Continue reading My GiveCampUK weekend (21st to 23rd October, 2011)