Heating our bathroom

The bathroom in our old house was cold. Really cold. It had two external, solid brick walls, and the room was tiled floor to ceiling. We had a rubber floor covering, so at least you didn't suffer from very cold feet. We had a lot of condensation, which unfortunately led to some mold. We tried … Continue reading Heating our bathroom

Moving a wall to create a bigger bathroom!

When we purchased our house, one thing that we didn't really like was the small bathroom. The layout is pretty standard for the type of house, with an airing cupboard and W.C. over the garage. The existing layout of the bathroom We knew we wanted to retain the bath, for the kids mostly, and we … Continue reading Moving a wall to create a bigger bathroom!

Insulating our suspended floors

As we're renovating our new house, one of the things I wanted to do was to insulate the floors of the downstairs rooms. When we renovated our first house, not doing something about the floors was something I regretted. At the time, we didn't think about it, due to the looming deadline of our first … Continue reading Insulating our suspended floors

New House – Technology Choices

I've recently bought a new house. We completed renovated our first house and, in the process, we made an awful lot of mistakes. Don't get me wrong, we got an awful lot of things right too, but we've always had some annoyances. These were born of inexperience and naeivaty. With this new project, we have … Continue reading New House – Technology Choices

Installing Konnected Alarm

Back in February of this 2020 (This post has taken me a year to write!), I preordered an alarm panel from Konnected.io. The idea with the Konnected alarm panel is that you can take your existing wired alarm and connect it to your smart home setup. It's a very clever bit of kit, which I … Continue reading Installing Konnected Alarm

LED Clock, Part III: Alexa?

Whilst I await delivery of more WS2812 LEDs, I wanted to start investigating how I can leverage the Alexa Gadget Toolkit integration, so that when I set a timer using Alexa, my LED clock can show the countdown. Amazon make an Echo Wall Clock which does just that. I found an open source project called … Continue reading LED Clock, Part III: Alexa?

LED Clock, Update!

I managed to rework the time calculation and hour hand movement! https://videopress.com/v/jndhVFHI?muted=true&persistVolume=false&preloadContent=metadata The clock is ticking! I removed the RTC component and just let the loop run, with simple counters to simulate the passage of second, minutes and hours. I think the transition of the "hands" needs to be smoother, more analogue. I'll have to … Continue reading LED Clock, Update!

LED Clock, Part II: Tick, Tock

In Part I, I covered the basics of controlling the LEDs. This covered the hands of the clock. The second part of my investigation covers time and how to make the clock tick. The ESP 8266 I am using for this prototyping work doesn't include a Real Time Clock, so I was required to add … Continue reading LED Clock, Part II: Tick, Tock

LED Clock, Part I: Hands

The first part of making an LED clock was actually learning how to control the LEDs in the strip. I had experimented with the LED strip before, flashing a rainbow, before realising I had no practical use the damn thing. At the time, I had used a Neopixel library. Upon googling the subject again, another … Continue reading LED Clock, Part I: Hands

Lockdown LED Clock

A year or two ago, I picked up a WS2812B LED strip, but, for the life of me, could never think of anything useful to do with it. Recently, however, I came across these LED powered clocks. https://youtu.be/5c7LYEAVJHg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZatJAPwI_4 https://youtu.be/JNpjX5mobfI This feels like a project that will combine a few things: ESP MCUReal Time ClockWS2812B … Continue reading Lockdown LED Clock