Peopler – Future availability

Whilst Peopler isn't exactly being downloaded in the millions, I've received *actual* feedback from users, which shows they are a) using the app and b) interested enough to email me! One feature, which I've wanted to add for a while, is the ability to view the future availability of your favourites. It's all fine being able to … Continue reading Peopler – Future availability

TestMDM now supports VPP

After a very kind request from a user, I decided to add basic VPP support to TestMDM. As of 2 minutes ago, you can now: Add your VPP token. Register new user accounts within your VPP account. Assign licenses to these accounts Install apps from the VPP using the MDM functionality Adding your VPP token … Continue reading TestMDM now supports VPP

From Barcode to Passbook

My prototype app based on the MakeMeAPass website is up and running. You simply select the card type, use the camera to scan the barcode and hey-presto, you'll have a passbook pass to add. The usual issues still apply, such as some scanners being unable to scan barcodes on Passbook. I'm planning to add simple … Continue reading From Barcode to Passbook

Peopler now approved!

After more than one rejection by Apple, Peopler has now been approved for sale. If you want to check people's calendars in MS Exchange without needing Outlook or messing with Shared Calendars, Peopler might be what you're looking for! It's free to download and can be upgraded using an In-App Purchase if you like it. … Continue reading Peopler now approved!

Somewhere Quiet is now available to download from the App Store

My latest app, Somewhere Quiet, has been approved by Apple in just under 5 days. It's my hope that this app will help developers, writers and other coffee shop entrepreneurs, find quiet places to work if they are out and about. If you fit this category, download my app for free and start rating your … Continue reading Somewhere Quiet is now available to download from the App Store

Exploring apple’s Managedappconfig feedback

In part one of this two part series, I showed how you can use TestMDM to remotely install and configure Apple’s ManagedAppConfig sample app. In this part, I will demonstrate how you can retrieve feedback recorded by the app. Apple allows an app to read managed configuration by opening the “” key in NSUserDefaults. It … Continue reading Exploring apple’s Managedappconfig feedback

iOS Enterprise managed app configuration

With the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced support for managing an app’s configuration using a Mobile Device Management system. This allows enterprises to deploy apps and then control their configuration centrally. You could provide URLs or enable and disable features with the push of a button. An app that supports managed configuration just needs … Continue reading iOS Enterprise managed app configuration

Testing iOS Enterprise features without an MDM

Recently, I deployed a special version of Roomr to a large enterprise customer for inclusion in their Enterprise App Store. Part of the arrangement was that I support two enterprise features; Single Sign-On and Managed App Configuration. This, on the face of it, was an excellent deal. I watched some WWDC videos on preparing apps … Continue reading Testing iOS Enterprise features without an MDM