Heating our bathroom

The bathroom in our old house was cold. Really cold. It had two external, solid brick walls, and the room was tiled floor to ceiling. We had a rubber floor covering, so at least you didn't suffer from very cold feet. We had a lot of condensation, which unfortunately led to some mold. We tried … Continue reading Heating our bathroom

Moving a wall to create a bigger bathroom!

When we purchased our house, one thing that we didn't really like was the small bathroom. The layout is pretty standard for the type of house, with an airing cupboard and W.C. over the garage. The existing layout of the bathroom We knew we wanted to retain the bath, for the kids mostly, and we … Continue reading Moving a wall to create a bigger bathroom!

Insulating our suspended floors

As we're renovating our new house, one of the things I wanted to do was to insulate the floors of the downstairs rooms. When we renovated our first house, not doing something about the floors was something I regretted. At the time, we didn't think about it, due to the looming deadline of our first … Continue reading Insulating our suspended floors